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Children's Fall reading program has started!

Every Wednesday @ 4:30pm

  • November 30th-- Turkey Feast Bingo
  • December 7th -- Christmas Activities
Santa Claus will be visiting the library on December 14th 3:30-5:00

Every week there will be a new arrangement of flowers on the front desk, and a question of some sort. Each week, those who answered correctly will entered in a drawing to win a weekly prize. On December 23rd will be the drawing for the Kindle Fire. Everyone who answered questions correctly throughout the course of the contest will be added into the drawing for the Kindle.

The book sale will be November 1st-11th in the library community room! Please stop by and purchase some great books!
Local serviceman,  Nathan Schaffer, (U.S. ARMY) will be deploying to Kuwait. His unit will receive some of the donations that we will be collecting in the near future.  If you can not afford to donate, please write letters or drop off cards for the servicemen.  We will be working with the children of our community to make cards and letters throughout the summer and fall to send.

Chatsworth Sesquicentennial 2017 Recipe Books
Baltz Library of Chatsworth Township is building a Family Cookbook which will become a family treasure of
Chatsworth's Sesquicentennial Celebration of 2017
Anyone can add a recipe to the book. Submission forms can be found down below. Books can be ordered for $16.00 -- see more info in the links below.
Get your recipes & cookbook orders in as soon as possible!! 
Books for Sale
Recipes Wanted
Recipe Submission Forms
Info Flyer