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Chatsworth Yearbooks
Yearbooks have been digitalized and are now accessible on our website! We have years 1937-1985 available to view online. They can be found on our Library Services page. Check them out!

Solar Eclipse Glasses
The first total solar eclipse in over 40 years will happen on August 21. NASA is warning that no one should look at the sun directly for any amount of time to avoid the risk of permanent eye damage. Special viewing glasses need to be used on this day. The library is planning to order these special glasses on Monday. They will be available for purchase for $2.00 a pair. If you want to guarantee that enough will be available for you and your family, comment on the post on our Facebook with the number of sets you would like us to order for you.

Dohman Family Favorite Recipes Books
We have a limited amount of Dohman Family Favorite Recipes Cookbooks available for purchase at the library. Cookbooks cost $10.

Look out for the roll-out of the Chatsworth Plaindealers!
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Think about ways that the library can better serve you, and look out for a survey coming soon to give us your output.

Summer Reading Program!
This year's theme for summer reading will be Reading by Design. The kids will come in everyday for one week, June 5th-9th from 10-12, and then every Wednesday for the rest of the summer. On June 5th there will be a presentation by Mad Science  Fire and Ice, and during the first week we will be building robots. Other activites we planned are learning to make corsages and floral arrangements, learning about the swine industry, writing their own recipies, and making their own BLTs.

Chatsworth Sesquicentennial 2017 Recipe Books
A beautiful 7" x 9 1/2" hardcover, 3-ring notebook!!!
Cost - $16.00
We still have cookbooks available at the library if you did not recieve one during heritage days. Books can also be shipped without an extra charge.