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Coming Soon....
The Library Summer Reading Program for all ages!
This summer our theme will be:
Reading Takes You Everywhere!
There will be movie nights with meals and more surprises to come!

*Go to the Online Registration button and sign your kids up today!

Dohman Family Favorite Recipes Books
We only have 8 books left of Dohman Family Favorite Recipes Cookbooks available for purchase at the library. Cookbooks cost $10.

Chatsworth Plaindealers can now be found in the archive section.

Chatsworth Sesquicentennial 2017 Recipe Books
A beautiful 7" x 9 1/2" hardcover, 3-ring notebook!!!
We still have cookbooks available at the library. Now only $12.00! From Age of Learning,Inc., the award-winning curriculum is designed to help young children (ages 2-8+) build a strong foundation for future academic success. is 100% educational with 8,500+ learning activities across all major subject areas-reading, math, science, social studies, art, and music.  Best of all, kids love it! account

Chatsworth Yearbooks
 They can be found on our Library Services page. Check them out!