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Hardcover Fiction

Wedding Cake Murder - by Joanne Fluke
Everyone in Lake Eden, Minnesota, may have had their doubts, but at long last, Hannah Swensen is getting married!

Hannah is thrilled to be marrying Ross Barton, her college crush. And her excitement only grows when she learns heíll be able to join her on her trip to New York City for the Food Channelís dessert chef contest. They get a taste of the Big Apple before Hannah wins the Hometown Challenge and the producers bring all the contestants to Lake Eden to tape the remainder of the show. Itís nerve-wracking enough being judged by Alain Duquesne, a celebrity chef with a nasty reputation. But itís even more chilling to find him stabbed to death in the Lake Eden Innís walk-in cooleróbefore heís even had a chance to taste Hannahís Butterscotch Sugar Cookies! Now Hannah has not only lost her advantage, sheíll have to solve a mystery with more layers than a five-tiered wedding cakeÖ

Indulge In Joanne Flukeís Criminally Delicious Hannah Swensen Mysteries!